Our Team


Curtis Lefrandt

CEO, Co-founder

Curtis is the CEO of Innovator’s DNA. His responsibilities include overseeing the strategic direction and operations of iDNA’s training programs and product development. Most recently he led the development of the iDNA Self-Assessment–a diagnostic tool described as a “Myers-Briggs for innovation”. He is a skilled presenter, consultant and advisor, working with clients to teach and apply the principles of innovation that drive new growth and creative problem solving. He has experience introducing and teaching these crucial ideas to a wide variety of industries including healthcare, technology, education, nonprofit, specialty chemicals, and consumer goods in a variety of geographical markets. He uses powerful case studies and real-world applications to bring well-researched principles to life. Clients consistently respond enthusiastically to Curtis’ ability to successfully deliver on important innovation training and strategy efforts. Curtis has been a devoted and enthusiastic student of innovation principles and has spent the last decade studying and promoting these ideas.

For the past year, Curtis has also been at the center of trainer development at the Innovator’s DNA. He has overseen the training program development for all new trainers and coaches throughout training rollout, implementation, and measurement. Curtis’ team is responsible for developing resources for trainers to better learn and teach the principles taught in the Innovator’s DNA. He oversees a number of additional emerging iDNA digital products designed to empower organizations to create a culture of innovation.

Over the past several years years, Curtis has also worked as a management consultant at Innosight, advising clients on new growth and innovation strategies. His work experience prior to the Innovator’s DNA includes time at Apple, a microfinance institution in Cambodia, a Utah-based venture capital fund, and a start-up tech incubator called Virgance. He has also been very active in the social entrepreneurship and innovation space.

Curtis received his bachelor’s of science degree in Business Management – Strategy and a minor in Asian Studies from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He graduated summa cum laude, and was the top ranked student in a graduating class of 940 fellow students.

Greg Madsen


Greg Madsen is the President of Innovator’s DNA. He is responsible for making sure our products and services are cutting edge and deliver business outcomes for our customers. He leads many of iDNA’s customer engagements and coaches senior executives to ensure that iDNA principles are modeled effectively throughout an organization.

The focus of his career has been to enable people to achieve results they did not think were possible and to build sustainable organizations for long term success.

Over the last several years, Greg has worked with Fortune 100 companies to help align marketing, sales, and product teams on how to position and message their products or services in such a way that their sales teams can have productive executive level discussions with their customers in a very different manner.  As a result of this work, customers have achieved their business outcomes and the sales teams have increased their deals by up to 10x.

Greg was Senior Vice President of Strategy and Sales at Cybersource Corporation (sold to Visa in 2010) and has been a partner of several consulting and training firms.

Greg is a guest lecturer at Stanford University, is featured in several Harvard Manage Mentor Workshops, and is a current Board Member of the Association of Talent Development. He speaks and writes on various topics related to sales, innovation, organizational change, and professional development.  His engaging, dynamic and result focused style is what clients love about him most.

Greg is very active in his community and loves to travel off the beaten track with his family and friends.

Jeff Dyer

Co-founder; Professor of Strategy, Brigham Young University & Wharton

Dr. Dyer has considerable consulting experience having spent 5 years working as a strategy consultant and manager at Bain & Company.   Dr. Dyer regularly gives speeches, consults, and conducts training programs in the areas of innovation, change, and strategy.  Dr. Dyer’s recent Innovator’s DNA clients include General Electric, General Mills, Gilead Sciences, Harley Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson, JR Simplot, Intel, Medtronic, and Sony.  He teaches in executive programs at the Wharton School, Northwestern University, and UCLA.  He has won numerous teaching awards, including the University of Pennsylvania’s top award, the “Excellence in Teaching Award.”

Dr. Dyer’s teaching and research is focused on innovation, organizational change, and strategic alliances. He is the only strategy scholar in the world to have published five times in both Strategic Management Journal (the top academic journal devoted to strategy) and Harvard Business Review (the top practitioner journal). His research has been quite impactful, as evidenced by the fact that he was recently ranked #1 in the world (among those who received their Ph.D’s after 1991) in a list of “most influential management scholars” based on academic citations (over 10,000 citations on GoogleScholar) and Google searches on his name (almost 500,000 non.edu searches).

His research has won awards from the Academy of Management, Institute of Management Science, Strategic Management Society, and McKinsey & Company.  His Oxford book, Collaborative Advantage, was awarded the Shingo Prize Research Award and his article “The Innovator’s DNA” (with Hal Gregersen and Clay Christensen) was the McKinsey Award runner-up for the best article in Harvard Business Review in 2009.  The Innovator’s DNA is a business bestseller, has already been published in more than 13 languages, and won the 2011 Innovation Book of the Year Award from Chartered Management Institute.

Hal Gregersen

Co-Founder; Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center & Senior Lecturer of Leadership & Innovation, MIT

Hal Gregersen is Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center and a Senior Lecturer of Leadership and Innovation in the MIT Sloan School of Management where he pursues his vocation of executive teaching, coaching, and research by exploring how leaders in business, government, and society discover provocative new ideas, develop the human and organizational capacity to realize those ideas, and ultimately deliver positive, powerful results. He is also a Senior Fellow at Innosight (a leading global innovation consulting firm) and a former advisory board member at Pharmascience. Before joining MIT, he taught at the INSEAD, London Business School, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Brigham Young University, and the Turku School of Economics as a Fulbright Fellow.

Gregersen’s most recent book, The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators (Harvard Business Review Press), flows from a path-breaking international research project conducted with Jeff Dyer (Wharton/BYU) and Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School). The eight-year study explored the fundamental question of where disruptive innovations come from by interviewing the founder entrepreneurs and CEOs of the most innovative companies in the world (an annual list co-produced with Credit Suisse & Forbes). They conducted over 8000 Innovator’s DNA survey assessments of leaders around the world to show how creativity skills generate valuable new products, services, processes, and businesses. They also collaborated with IDEO and Lightspeed Apollo to produce a ground-breaking online learning experience, Innovator’s Accelerator, to teach anyone how to cultivate innovation within themselves and their organizations.

To grasp how leaders find and ask the right questions – ones that disrupt how we view and interact with the world – Gregersen is now studying over 100 renowned innovative leaders, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and P&G’s A.G. Lafley. This question-centric research project, conducted in collaboration with Clayton Christensen, is already surfacing insights into what causes leaders to build better questions that unlock game-changing solutions. Gregersen is also founder of The 4-24 Project, an initiative dedicated to rekindling the provocative power of asking the right questions in adults so they can pass this crucial creativity skill onto the next generation in order to improve organizations, communities and global society.

Gregersen has co-authored ten books, including It Starts With One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations and Global Explorers: The Next Generation of Leaders. He has published over 50 articles, book chapters, and cases on innovation and change in business journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. His research has been highlighted globally in media such as Business Week, Chief Executive, CBC, CNBC, CNN, The Economist, Fast Company, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., The New York Times, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired. He is also a regular blogger for Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Psychology Today. Gregersen has received several awards for researching and teaching excellence, including: 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award Nominee, 2012 Chartered Management – British Library Book of the Year Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (The Innovator’s DNA), 2009 McKinsey Award runner-up for the best article in Harvard Business Review, and Ascendant Scholar Award from the Western Academy of Management.
Putting his research on leading innovation and change to practice, Gregersen regularly delivers high impact keynote speeches and executive workshops around the world with companies like Accenture, Adidas, AT&T, Christie’s, Cisneros, Coca-Cola, Daimler, Danone, Essilor, EMC, Genentech, IBM, Intel, Infosys, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, LG, Lilly, McAfee, Marriott, MasterCard, Nokia, Philips, Sanofi Aventis, SAP, Time Warner, Twinings, Vivendi, WalMart, World Economic Forum, & Yahoo! (for more information, see www.SternSpeakers.com) He also works with governments, not-for-profit and NGO organizations, such as UNICEF, to generate greater innovation capabilities in the rising generation of leaders.

Hal and his wife have spent over a decade living & working outside the United States – in England, Finland, France, and the UAE. Currently, they reside in Boston and Paris where he pursues his lifelong avocation, photography, and she her lifelong loves, sculpture & painting, as part of a global community of social entrepreneurs dedicated to creating positive change through the arts.

Nathan Furr

Co-Founder; Co-Author, The Innovator's Method & Professor at Brigham Young University; Visiting Scholar, INSEAD & ESSEC

Professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University (ranked top five in entrepreneurship education), and a visiting scholar at INSEAD and ESSEC, Furr is a recognized expert in the fields of innovation and entrepreurship. His forthcoming book, “The Innovator’s Method” (Harvard Business Review Press, September 2014) combines the two, bringing the radical “lean start-up” approach to innovation into established organizations. His previous book, “Nail It Then Scale It” (NISI Institute, 2011), underscores that the seeds to entrepreneurial success are sown before you build anything.

The principles and best practices framed in both books are rooted in Professor Furr’s decades of innovation and technology strategy research, which has been published in leading journals, such as the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and has received numerous national and international awards from the Academy of Management, the Kauffman Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, and other prestigious academic institutions. Based on this research, Professor Furr has created or taught interdisciplinary innovation programs at BYU, Stanford, ESSEC and other schools.

His numerous published papers and speaking engagements zero in on how to capture new opportunities, how to balance the need for execution and flexibility, how firms develop innovative business models, and the impact of learning on new market success. Professor Furr also co-founded the International Business Model Competition, an event that reinforces the methodologies he teaches, attracting more than 2,500 teams from more than 250 universities around the world.

Professionally, Professor Furr has acted as the founder or advisor to corporations and startups in healthcare, clean technology, professional services, internet, retail and financial services industries. He also sits on the investment board of the Kickstart Seed Fund, an innovative early-stage venture fund, and previously served as a consultant with Monitor Group, working with senior executives on a range of strategic market and discovery initiatives. His clients have included such leading companies as AT&T, Sony, Tec de Monterrey and USTAR, among many others.

Professor Furr earned his Ph.D. from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University. He also holds BA, MA and MBA degrees.